Introduction: ARTD252 Tyler Lau DIY How to Make a Recyclable Nunchaku: Materials

Low on Money? Eco-Friendly? Like Kung Fu Flicks? Here is your chance to become an Eco-Ninja by making your own pair of Nunchaku our of recyclable materials with no machines used.

2 Empty Water Bottles w/caps for the handles.
Scrap Paper (Newspaper, Color Paper, etc.) for the inside of the bottles as weight and for the paper rope.

Super Glue (Not Needed but Recommended)

Step 1: Step 1: the Caps

Using the nail, punch a hole in the middle of the bottle caps for the paper rope to go through.

Step 2: Step 2: the Paper Rope

Using a letter sized paper (kind does not matter) use the fold and rip method to make a half an inch wide strip pf paper and continue to fold it finely.

When the strip is folded into a good size, twist both ends to a point so that they can go through the holes in the caps.

Step 3: Connecting the Paper Rope to the Caps

With the inside of the cap in first, move it to the other end of the rope. Leave a good length for the knot.

For the other cap thread it through from the top part. Also leave a good length for a knot.

Tie a knot on both sides so that the rope is secure.

Use the super glue on the knots and/or glue the cap and knots together.

Step 4: Step 5: Stuffing the Bottles

If you want your nunchacku to have a bit of weight, you can stuff bunches or strips of paper in both bottles.
How much depends on your preference. 

Step 5: The Final Step and Usage

After filling up the bottles with paper (if you chose or not) screw in the caps back on the bottles.

After that you are ready to go to fight crime and pollution as an Eco-Ninja.

If the chord breaks you can recycle the materials or make a new paper rope.