Introduction: ARTS & CRAFTS TABLE


4’W x 8’L x ¾” Thick x 22” High Table

4’W x 8’L x ¼” Thick sheet of Stainless Steel Top

Kids love to do Arts and Crafts … and they make a mess … so what better thing to do than to give them their own place to make a mess !

… and teach them organization and cleanliness in the process.

The table Height of 22” is good to start for kids and their chairs to slide under, and flat 2x4’s can be placed under the legs of the table at a later date if it needs to be raised.



(1) 2 lb. box 3” Wood Screws

(1) Tube Wood Glue

(40) 2x4x8’ boards

(2) 16” x 8’ formica shelving boards

(1) ¾” x 4 x 8 Pine sanded plywood

(1) 1/8 “ x 4’ x 8’ Stainless Steel Sheet

(1) ½” x 4 x 8 sanded plywood … (for shelves)

(7) Pints of different color paints (semi-gloss)


Hammer ... Drill ... Drill Bits : miscellaneous sizes ...

Ruler : tape measure ... Ruler : Straight Edge ... Ruler : Square ...

Pipe Clamps ... Paint Brush : 2” ... Paint Brush : small ... Paint Brush : very small ...

Jig Saw ... Router ... Sander --- (with 80, then 120 grit sandpaper)

Table Saw or Circular Saw ... Miter Saw

Step 1: THE SHELF :

16” Wide x 8’ Long x 9” High 1st shelf and 18+ ½” High 2nd shelf

Shelf end supports are 16” 2x4’s anchored to the End Cap 2x4’s.

16” x 8’ formica board used for the shelf.

Step 2:

Shelf center supports are two sets of 16” 2x4’s. Shelf supports are 3 2x4’s laid flat.

End caps are double 2x4’s 24” High.

The far end 2x4’s are 27+ ½” High and are cut to extend over & down from the table and anchored to prevent the shelf from falling over. Top caps are for design.

Step 3: THE FRAME :

Table Frame stands 17+ ½” High … with 2x4’s on edge, it is 21” High … ¾” plywood top + 3/16” Stainless Steel Top = approx. 22” High.

The double-wide frame support consists of a 2x4 square supporting the table at 17+ ½” High … a 21” High anchoring 2x4 is secured to both the frame support and the horizontal end 2x4’s. There are 3 sets of these, one at each end and one in the middle. A 8’ 2x4 anchors the bottom of the 3 frame supports.

A 1” x 3+ ½” face board runs aroung the perimeter of the table, and rises above the 2x4 table frame just a little to be flush with the Stainless Steel sheet and to support it from shifting since it is just lain on top of the table top plywood and is not anchored.

Step 4: STORAGE :

Lots of Arts and Crafts supplies makes for a very sloppy table.

Good storage cures this … and the kids are taught to put things away where they can find them.