Introduction: AXE Paint

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Hello friends. I'll tell you how beautiful I am by two axes.

Step 1: Cleaning From Rust

Initially, the ax was cleaned of rust. For this, I used a drill with a nozzle. Instead of a drill he put a metal brush.

Step 2: Processing Before Painting

Before applying the paint, the surface of the ax should be treated with a degreaser.

Step 3: Painting

The blade was covered with a special tape. After that, I started applying a green paint brush.

Step 4: The Color of the Ax Handle

Initially, there was an idea of leaving the color of the tree, but the handle is very old and cracks, decided to paint black.

Step 5: Finish

All his actions recorded on video, increased the speed of the imposed music.

The result is the sameyoutube

Thank you for reading this article.

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