Introduction: How to Make Creative Hair Wraps

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Most of us have seen someone come home from a Caribbean vacation and had one of these beautiful hair wraps. These hair wraps can be very pricy especially if you have long hair as many people charge by the inch and that is if you find someone who does them. If you have ever wondered how to make your own, this is the instructable for you!!! Enjoy and please rate this and leave your comments.

Hair wraps can be worn for up two weeks and can be washed along with your own hair (use light soap) and towel dried.

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Step 1: What You Need

-Embroidery Floss
-Rubber bands
-Of course hair, I recommend no less then four inches

You don't need very much to make these. The most important part is how much embroidery floss you'll need. Unfortunately there is no right answer. It depends on how much hair your wrapping, how tight you wrap it, and how long the hair is. Here is some guidelines to help. Never use floss shorter then the length of the hair times three. Use on strand of floss per color. The less colors you use the more string you need, so if you wrap only has two colors in it you may want four times the length of the hair. If you do happen to run out of string I will tell you what to do later in the instructable.

Any type of small rubber band will work but the clear tangle-free type don't last as long as the traditional ones actually made from rubber.

Step 2: Getting Started

After you have cut your floss you need to separate the section of hair you want to be wrapped away from the rest of it. comb the section all the way thru.

Step 3:

Take all your strands and run them thru a rubber band so that both sides are even.

Step 4: Step One

Take the band with the strands in it and wrap around the section of hair as close to the scalp as is comfortable. Have the person roll their neck around to make sure it is in a good place. Now your ready to start your wrap! After you have done this braid the hair all the way down and band the end.

Step 5: Step Two

Select the color you want to start with and begin wrapping it around the braid as tightly as you can. It does not matter what direction you wrap in, just pick on and stick with it. Hold all the other colors tight to the braid as your wrap. It is more important that you keep a firm grip and wind tightly then to go fast, soon enough you'll find a steady pace that works for you. What you wrap you want it to be at a slightly downward angle (otherwise you won't go anywhere) and take care to cover the hair completely.

Step 6: Step Three

When you have used enough of your first color add it to the other colors. You will notice in every picture I am holding both the braid and the strands in a very firm group if you don't the wrap will sag or unwind.

Step 7: Step Four

Separate the color you want to use next, taking care to not let the other colors move. In this step it is critical to to keep hold on the color you were using before.

Step 8: Step Five

When you switch color start a half in above where the last color ended and wrap it around a couple of times time with an slightly upward angle.

Hint- If you run out of string place a band with more string around it right above where the string ends, Then wrap with an upward angle as instructed above.

Step 9: Step Six

Once you have finished step five start wrapping in a downward direction again. Repeat steps six thru nine. Until you have wrapped all but the last two or three inches of the braid.

Step 10: Step Seven

If you get to a point where a few of the colors are to short to wrap but some still have some length here is what you do. You hold the shortest stands close to the braid then take all the long colors and wrap them at the same to get a blend of color.

Step 11: Finish

Once the wrap is as long as you want band the end and trim the strands. If you like you can add charms or beads to the end of it. Then your ready to wear them.

Thank you Shi for being my hair model!!!

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