Introduction: Above Ground Pool Pre Filter

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Sometimes an above ground pool gets (a little dirtier) than one would like. Specially when they are siting under trees. Mine is under a tangerine tree in my backyard. It makes a nice and pleasant shade but leafs often fall into the pool.

Well, scooping up all the leafs and debris using a leaf skimmer is not an option (I use it only for the few floating leafs) so I´m using this method as vacuum cleaner like process. It works and prevents the main cartridge filter inside the pump from getting clogged in the process.

Step 1: Parts Needed:

1- Bucket with lid. (The one I used is Ø20cm and 15cm tall)

1- Pool strainer fittings (compatible with your above ground pool)

1- Pair of old nylon tights (Sometimes my 8 year old daughter´s knees get really close to the ground, so I have plenty of these around)

1- Flexible hose (I used 5m of Ø30mm electrical wiring conduit)

1- Small piece of rubber tube with 30mm inner diameter. (Latter I found this very useful)

Step 2: The Assembly

1- Mark circles using the strainer cap and cut the holes in the bucket bottom and lid.

2- Assemble one of the strainers in the bottom and another one in the lid. (I was planing on using the pre filter just like this but later I found out it was better to use hot glue to better secure the strainer parts and to prevent vacuum loss, so... )

3- Use hot glue to glue the strainers to the bucket and lid and screw. (I cut the inner part of the lid strainer to prevent clogging in this part)

4- Put the nylon tights in the bucket with the waist elastic over and out of the bucket and secure it with the lid. (I had to make some knots in the legs to prevent dirt from coming out thru the holes on the knees part.)

Step 3: Action in the Water

Start by carefully taking out, from the in side of the pool, the blue strainer fitting (just like the ones I used) that sucks the water into the pump, located in the pool wall, and insert in the same place the one protruding from the bottom of the bucket.

Now, to prevent air from getting into the system, place one end of the hose against the fitting where the water is coming in the pool and fill the hose with water.

Keeping both ends under water, attach one end of the hose to the blue fitting protruding from the lid and slide the rubber tube over it to better secure it. (I took the pictures of this step out of the water to better document the procedure).

Take the other end and start vacuuming the pools floor and walls with it. You can do it from outside the pool using a rod or from the inside just like I do to refresh myself.

It is possible to attach a vacuum pool cleaner head to make it easier, but it works fine using just the hose too.

Step 4: It Works!!

The leaves, small debris and dirt from the bottom and walls get caught in the pre filter and don't go inside the pump filter. After one use I take out the tights and easily rinse it in running water. Ready tu use again!