Introduction: Tin Can Rocket Stove on Pellets (gravity Fed)

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Using my old can rocket stove, a simple one using rockwool core insulation (I made it inspired by one instructable and you can find a lot here) I decided to make a little improvement by adding a gravity fed pellet burner.


The old can rocket stove.

A few more cans.

One piece of expanded metal mesh

Step 1: The Old Thing

I´m not going thru the process of making the stove itself because it is already very well documented in instructables. I´m jus leaving some pictures of the materials, the stove being use and after quite a few hours of use (pretty burnt and beaten up). Anyway, I used the same stove and just added up the pellet burner and "hopper".

Step 2: Assembling It

I used a round tip stick to form the metal mesh into a kind of a bowl to hold the pellets inside and to provide enough surface area so it can burn. The cans are only fitted together tightly so they don't fall apart. I used a smaller diameter can to use vertically and hold the pellets, a larger one horizontally to fit the old stick burner, and it leads to a larger one vertically, I guess we can call it the chimney, where the pot sits.

Step 3: The Thing Working

Here we can see it burning. It runs for an hour with one small can of pellets (arround 30cl)

There is a detail of the fire going horizontally in the last picture visible thru the vent hole.

Oh!! I made 2 vent holes in the horizontal can so it can add some more oxygen to the burn.

Step 4: Some Videos

Its visible the fatwood smoke being sucked into the can due to the draft generated by the upgoing hot air.

Step 5: Some Updates

I made my lunch (soup) on this stove today using a 3 legged traditional cast iron pot.

I had to adjust the air intake reducing the air gap around the burner just a little so the air catches up some speed and this way it blows the flame better.

By the way, the soup is a traditional portuguese soup made with pork meat, several types of sausages and vegetables (onions, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and beans). Called "sopa da pedra" and there's a funny story about it. The "stone soup" is also present in many other cultures. Delicious!!