Introduction: Abstract Notebook

If you want to make a Colorful notebook with an x please check this out!


What you will be needing:


White paint

4 other choices of paint any color

5 paint brushes for each color

Washi Tape
Small Sponges to blend

Step 1: Washi Tape Black Part

Get your washi tape and cover the black side of the notebook so when your painting it doesn’t go on the black part. Keep the washi tape because this isn’t the last time you will be needing it.

Step 2: White Paint

Paint over the notebook with one big brush and the white paint

Step 3: Dry

Once finished painting coats over the notebook let it dry.

Step 4: Washi Tape X

Once white paint is finished drying make an x with the washi tape. Make sure it is finished drying or else paint will rip of.

Step 5: Color Choice

Choose a color for each side of the x, and start painting one side with the color you chose.

Step 6: Next Side

Once your finished with one side, wait for it to dry before adding the second coat. While you wait start to paint the other side.

Step 7: 3rd Side

Once finished with the second side, let it dry before putting a second coat, and start painting the 3rd side.

Step 8: Last Side

Once your finished painting the 3rd side, let it dry before adding second coat and while your waiting paint the last side. Remember they can be any four colors it doesn’t have to be the ones I picked.

Step 9: 2nd Coats

Once finished with all sides start adding the second coats to all the sides.

Step 10: Take Off Washi Tape X

Once finished second coats and once they are all dry slowly and carefully take off the washing tape x.

Step 11: Mistakes

Now here’s what it should look like once you take the washi tape x off. Now it doesn’t have to be perfect and there might be mistakes, but that’s ok! Everybody makes mistakes. If you want to fix the edges get a fine brush and use white to go over them.

Step 12: Black Part Washi Tape.

After you take off the x washi tape and go over mistakes, take off the washi tape on the black part.

Step 13: Finished!!

Once you have taken off the washi tape let it dry and you are finished!! Congratulations!

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