Introduction: Acrylic Ace of Spade Coasters: I Made It at TechShop

Need: 1/8" acrylic and a laser

If you have access to a TechShop, lucky you! If not, yet you still have an epilog laser, then continue reading.

This project is a super simple 'beginner's' project. 

Find a picture of an ace of spades, or whatever card or image you like and paste it into CorelDRAW (or Adobe Illustrator, technically)

If there is a left over outline of the card left in the picture, go ahead and crop that out because the laser will raster it and triple the time of the project.

Create a hairline box around the card to vector cut.

Make sure all your dimensions match between the print settings, the image, and the field it is on.

1) Vector first with the blue plastic still on to prevent smudging. 
2)Peel then raster to prevent cracks in your image
3)Peel the back and tada! you're done.

*added note: There are little clear rubber pads you can put on the bottom of these to prevent scratching of the acrylic.