Introduction: Chocolate Moustaches

Yes. Moustaches. Of chocolate.  

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

Chocolate (so far I've stuck with Candy Melts)

Moustache mold (Michaels)

Paper sticks

Microwave safe bowl




Step 2: Melt Ze Chocolate

Take your glass bowl. Fill it with the chocolate candy melts (I have a variety of flavors displayed, you may choose the one of your liking). Heat for 30 second intervals. This step is usually done at half the power your microwave is automatically set to, but over time I discovered there isn't much of a difference. Between each interval, mix the chocolate. There won't be much to mix at first, just soft chocolate discs. Keep doing this until there are no more chocolate chunks and it looks like a warm pool of deliciousness. The patience is needed here and for quite some time to come.

Step 3: Pour Ze Chocolate

This part was tricky for me at first, it just takes time to get used to. It's as simple as pouring the chocolate from the bowl into the molds with your spoon and gravity. Lightly stir/spread the chocolate around to get it into the small details of the moustache evenly. This will prevent bubbles. 

Step 4: Put It on a Stick

As you can see, there is a place on the mold to place a stick. You should do that for two reasons. When you eat them later, you will not have to hold it with your fingers and get melted chocolate everywhere. More importantly, you can easily pose with your moustache in the correct place without it being covered up by your hand.

Step 5: Wait to Cool

Patience, my friends. Patience. Since we all can not be masters, a small trick of mine is to do this before I go to bed so that they'll be hardened in the morning when I wake up. It is optional to use your fridge, it will make this process faster. However, I just don't have the room. 

Step 6: Eat Ze Chocolate!

Eat them! After pictures, of course. This is great for fun household treats. Great to make with children (if you're okay with a little mess). Awesome gifts for birthdays, any holiday, even staff meetings...


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