Introduction: Acrylic Garage Sign-Board

A simple acrylic Garage sign-board '4 mm' sheet.
it's my 2nd design project done in 2011.

material used:
acrylic sheet 4 mm.
mini saw.
spray-paint can
wet and dry paper.
safety mask.
safety eye wear.

Step 1: Marking,cutting,polishing

acrylic sheet 52 x 32 cm.

using G-clamps to hold the sheet.

using a saw to cut round edge.

wet and dry paper to polish the edge.

Step 2: Edit,print,gluing

using adobe Ps to draw a tractor.

printing the image.

gluing it onto the plastic sheet.

left to dry.

Step 3: Engraving

using a dc toy motor to engrave onto the sheet.

constant progress onto picture 3-6.

Step 4: Spray Painting


work in a well ventilated area.

use mask and safety eye wear.

red-orange florescent paint.

Step 5: Lettering

applying lettering onto the sheet.

Step 6: Final-product

focusing a torch over the board.

led is inserted onto the board.