Introduction: Acrylic PC Stand- Laser Cutter

Hey guys! So this is a project I made for PCs that doesn't have the screen going all the way to 180°. It gives a perfect angle to watch your favorite movies and series!

Skills required:

- Basic OnShape CAD

- Basic Laser Cutter/Engraver

And that's it!

Let me know what your thoughts are and if you made this project!

Step 1: Designing the Base

So for this first part you have to measure your PC's sides. Then you make a drawing of a rectangle with those values at OnShape.

Step 2: Adjustments

Now you have to decide what is the angle you want to put your computer on to watch, my designed angle is for people who would like to watch something while laying down or type documents with an angle. It is at almost 15 degrees. When you finish that part, you need to choose something to put on it, a drawing, a name, some animals, whatever you want to! These two pictures of the stand in cardboard are prototypes that I did to see if it was all okay.

Step 3: My Drawing

Well, I chose to do a Fairy Tail design, and as I don't have so many skills on CAD so as to make that many curves on the symbol, I made a pixel art of it (that I unfortunately erased from my PC), and uploaded the image to my part in a sketch, then I drew line by line on top of that drawing, then extruded it and I was very happy with the result. Remember to never have lines too close to each other, or the laser won't see the space between them and it will all come off as one piece!

Step 4: Middle Parts

For the connectors between the bases, they are two rectangles, as simple as that!

Step 5: Drawing

You are now at the time of making a drawing of your project. OnShape has it on itself! You make your drawing of the side view of the base, so you have what the laser cutter has to cut for you.

Step 6: Acrylic

Now you choose your acrylic type and see how thick it is, that thickness has to be how wide those two cuts on the bases are. Mine was 5.8 mm, so I made the cuts a 6.0mm.

Step 7: Laser Cutter

You now have to access your laser cutter app and upload that drawing of your base. For the thickness of 5.8mm, we used the power on 80%, speed at 30% and doing 3 passes on it, worked perfectly! But if you have another size, you may get small pieces of it and try to cut something out of there while changing the speed, power and number of passes, just be aware that it may catch fire if too hot! If you have the vectorized version with all these same things two times, just delete all the odds.

Step 8: After Having It on Hand

You may now think that the gap was too big for your middle pieces, if that is your case too, you only need to apply some pieces of clear tape where you want to put the bases on both sides. If it isn't wide enough, you can always just use a sandpaper on them and it will be okay! That's it, enjoy your PC stand as much as you want!