Action Cam Backpack 3rd Person View

Introduction: Action Cam Backpack 3rd Person View

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this mount is for that video game look of a 3rd person view

Step 1: Parts

I used 1/2 inch pvc for this project.
-(1) ten foot 1/2 inch pvc
-(3) TEES
-(4) L
-(4) 40° angle
-(1) cement

Step 2: Cut to Size

time to cut the ten foot pvc down.
-(2) 8.25 inches
-(2) 2.25 inches
-(6) 1.25 inches
-(1) 12.25 inches
-(1) 5.75 inches
-(1) 4.5 inches

Step 3: Dry Fit

dry fit to see what angle is good.dont forget to mark them like this. that way in the glue down portion you know to line them up

Step 4: Cement

cement each part and glue one piece at a time. it will take a few minutes to fully cure. to be fast

Step 5: Almost Done

now add straps.
you can paint at this point.
all done thank you

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