Introduction: Active Solar Arcade(tiny PC_part 3)

About: As a young kid, my curiosity in electronics was compelling.... why does thunder interrupt the radio reception? ....why does ROBOTs run without any wire?.... and I've been hooked on making thing ever since.

I'm figuring about how to take the BIG MONITOR away, and how to take the wires and cables away from solar panel out !!

Step 1: This Is an Iable That Enhance the Tiny PC Part 2 , and Take the VGA and VGA Cable Away

This is an iable that enhance the tiny PC part 2 , and not only take the VGA and VGA cable away

but also shrink the nowadays i5 PC arcade GAME for 1000 times !!

Step 2: Materials

8266-01 * 1 (or wemos * 1)

sure there is no wires!

Step 3: CODING

I use the Arduino 1.8.8 IDE with Raspberry Pi 3.

to burn the code into the 8266 !

Step 4: Upload Your Arcade Game

In order to increase the speed of downloading files, Here i use the SPIFFS tech on 8266 wemo(s)

EX: movie1.swf 2.2MB

So you gotta set the SPIFF to 3MB (that's enough for what you upload) then

If you use 8266-01 is 1MB(max).

So your file what you upload should be less than 512KB.

All the files should be in the "data" folder.

Step 5: Setup Your Wifi

I use as the wifi router IP.

and i use as the 8266 arcade server IP.

you may need to change them all depends... !

Step 6: HAVE FUN

yes, and yes !
you can get reception on any Desk-tops or on any lap-top mobiles or on any NBs !!

arcade anywhere ! HAVE FUN!