Introduction: Acupressure Tool Made From Chopsticks

My Dad and me are practicing acupressure since I was in grade 3. But I left practicing the art after I left home. Dad still practices the art. My wife is having severe joint pains since the last 2 or 3 months. We were trying alopathy medicines since then. Last week I suddenly recalled about the science of acupressure again. So I downloaded some body maps from the net. That's when I felt the need for an acupressure device to practice on her. But the devices that were available on the net are either costly or made from plastic and all. So I thought, let's make one such device that will be perfectly as per my requirement.

Step 1: Materials


Chopsticks (bamboo devices are the best, so the choice)

Sand paper

Wax(not shown in the instructable)

Scissor (optional)

Paper (optional)

Step 2: Making the Shape

I took one of the chopsticks. Measured the size by holding it in my hand (just to check the length and grip of it).

Made a circular notch around the stick, just 1 mm deep.

Now break the stick by hand.

Step 3: Grinding

Start to grind the bamboo. Yes! It's not a chopstick anymore. Make the ends round so as not to harm the person on whom you are using it. Make sure you round both edges so tat you get 2 ends, one thick and one thin.

Don't keep the ends flat as the tool will not work effectively.

I also sanded the side of the bamboo so as to make it more into a round baton like rather than rectangular.

Step 4: Test the Pressure

As I will be using the tool. I test the pressure on my palm putting the exact pressure what I will be using it for.

I don't have images but I have waxed the stick to make it smooth and durable.

At this point you are actually done. Next step is to make a casing for the tool to keep it safe.

Step 5: Casing

For the casing of the acupressure tool, take some hard paper and make an envelope out of it. Make sure the tool fits properly within the casing. Decoration is optional which I have done.

Step 6: Finally

It has been a week I am using this tool on my wife. She is showing results of recovery and the pains are subsiding. I am also using this tool on my 5 year old kid just to sooth all his pressure points.

Please let me know if you find any error with the manufacture/use of the tool I just created.

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