Introduction: Adapter for 3M Reusable Half Face Mask

Look my instruct video.

Step 1: Download Project Files

1. adapter - RIGHT

2. plug stopper - LEFT

3. Optional adapter - LEFT

4. package of project files - winrar

Step 2: Slicer and 3Dprint Model

- slicer your favorite prog

- printing 3d

Step 3: Insert

Insert adapter on the RIGHT side.

Insert plug stopper on the LEFT side.

Step 4: Filter

Insert filter on the adapter.

Specification filter:

- Bacterial Filtration Efficiency 99.999% - Viral Filtration Efficiency 99.999%

- Small dead space and low breathing resistance

- To avoid cross infection - connector: 22M/15F-22F/15M

- range: department of anesthesiology,department of respiratory,ICU intensive care ce

Step 5: Ready

Good Job!! ;)

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