Introduction: Adaptive Face Shield

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Adaptive face shield for individuals who who struggle wearing cloth coverings or plastic shields that are too easily removed or damaged


  • visor or baseball hat
  • snap buttons 3x
  • plastic sheet
  • cloth
  • glue

Step 1: Set First Snap

Punch a holes in the sides of the hat just in front of the ear and set the snap buttons.

Step 2: Add Support Cloth

Measure and cut three pieces of cloth large enough for the head of the button to fit twice on the box. Now fold the cloth and glue one square to the top corner of the plastic sheet. The plastic should be sandwiched between the cloth. This is done to help strengthen the plastic and prevent it from stretching.

Step 3: Add Snap Button

Once the glue dries punch a hole through the cloth and plastic and set the snap button.

Step 4: Measure the Plastic Length

Snap the plastic onto the hat and with the hat on wrap the plastic around the bill of the hat. Draw a small dot on the plastic over the snap on the other side of the head. It is much easier if someone else draws the dot for you.

Step 5: Add Snap Button

Glue a piece of cloth around the plastic centered around the dot that you drew. Once the glue has dried cut off the extra plastic and set the snap button.

Step 6: Add Final Support Snap

At this point the plastic will fall if it is pulled down form the front. Find the center of the hat bill and the center of the plastic and add a snap

Snap the plastic onto the hat and you are now finished.