Introduction: Adaptive Wilderness Travois

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So...... You want to get to the wilderness without your car?

Well this portable transportation system works really well in different situations.

It has many possibilities including pulling your kayak, transforming into a bike trailer, becoming a pull behind backpacking device (for those of us who don't have strong backs anymore), can work as an emergency stretcher (to get back out of the woods you worked so hard to get into), or as a emergency shelter.

The possibilities are endless!

The end product is bungee corded to the side of the stem of your bike underneath the seat. Take it slow at start and be aware that rough terrain will make it tipsier (is that a word? ) :-)

Good Luck To You!

Happy travels

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For starters you will need a lightweight kayak carrier (with two wheels)

A pair of aluminum crutches (easy to find at a thrift store usually)

A smorgasbord of bungees in all shapes and sizes

A tarp (how big depends on how big you will want your emergency shelter should you need one). I recommend a bit larger one maybe 12 by 10 or so. I also recommend it is a "earthy" color (green,brown,grey), so you can cover things up and go off for a hike leaving a well camouflaged pile behind you.

Some rope (just in case)

Step 2: Bike Wagon /Pull Behind