Introduction: Personable Planter Pants

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So...... if you are like me, you are bound to have a lot of "extra" things laying around. Projects that will one day make it to the front of your "to do" list. This is a great one if you have a pile of clothing headed to the thrift store, and need a good use for those old plastic recyclables that dont seem to quite make it to the bin.

So..... Join me on a whimsical recycling extravaganza (ok...... maybe not :-)

Step 1: Find Your Fashion!

Clean out your closets, or visit the thrift store up the street. You will want to pick out boots and jeans that are size appropriate to each other.

1st pic - Example of clothing to be used

2nd pic- A couple of empty pop cans to hold the cuffs inside of the boots (adapt the size of empty can

or bottle according to the size of the boot).

3rd pic - Pop can put up the cuff of the pant leg (with some overlap left on the bottom)

4th pic - Tuck the 4 or so inches of pant leg over the end of the pop can

Step 2: Position Your Pants!

As shown you need to get the cuffs of the pants tucked tightly down into your pair of boots. This shows two different examples of how it can be done. It depends on the size of the pants and boots you are working with. One of the fun things about these planters is that they are completely recyclable at the end of the summer (or when you get tired of looking at them in your yard). Yep..... that's right! No glue or anything, so you can pull them apart and use the pants and boots for your next cool project.

1st pic - Example of bottles used to plump up the legs of my planters

2nd - Example of how to force bottle or can into boots to hold pants down.

3rd - Birdseye view of bottles stuffed in pants

4th - Different example using larger pants and boots.

In this case small planting pots worked GREAT for the first step.

I then used the little plastic water bottles again to fill out the legs

Another advantage of this recycled method is that these planters are super light and pretty weatherproof

Step 3: Plump Up Your Pants!

Now is your chance to recycle all those empty plastic bottles and pop cans. Even milk jugs can find a home in the posterior of the exceptionally well endowed planter. Experiment a bit with what you think looks the best, and fill it to the top of the thigh of the pant leg.

Step 4: Pose Those Panties!

Congratulations! You are now ready to find a nice bench, small children's chair, or a couple of larger pots (like in the second picture) to pose your pants on. Leaving the seat of them empty makes it really easy to pick your favorite potted plant and settle it into the opening of the pants. If you are wise enough to think ahead and measure your pots to your pants before you begin, then all the better. If not, it is sort of fun to see which plants end up fitting. And I personally think it adds some great personality to the yard.


Get ready to "soil" your pants!


Please do not forget to wet your pants as needed either!

(Not sure I ever thought I would put THAT in an instructable :-)

My "Personable Planter Pants" are completely recyclable to boot!

Happy Planting!

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