Introduction: Add Collaborator on Instructables

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Adding a collaborator is easy once you know your way around instructbales....

Step 1: In the Option Tab, Select [Collaborate]

Step 2: [Enable Collaboration]

Step 3: Add the Name of Your Collaborator

To find the ID of your collaborator, you can simply go to their profile page (here Cedric Courson):

Ce reve bleu #Art Editor by Sophie

Numer0 #Play Editor by Maria Lok Yee Li

Îlot Végétalisé #Urban Design Editor by Cesar

Labo #Science Editor by Cedric

Here, just copy / paste your collaborator's name.

  • Cesar | cesar%20harada
  • Cedric | ced.courson
  • Maria | marialilokyee
  • Sophie | sophiepene
  • Samuel | Villette%20Makerz
  • Anat| anatmeruk - anat.merukkapan
  • Leo | L%C3%A9o%20Houdebien
  • Dora | dordorkapan
  • Patricia | patmors
  • Ambre | Am-chi
  • Patricia Morshedi
  • Annie | annie.harada

You're done. Now share the link of your instructable with your collaborator and they should also have the magic [Edit] button.

Don't forget to clearly credit all collaborator, share da love.


Step 4: [Publish]

It is likely that without publishing, your collaborator will not be able to actually see your common instructable in his/her [Collaborations]. So hit that [Publish] button, so you can collaborate. Make sure the name of the instructable is decent, because that will remain in the URL forevah!

Step 5: Access Your Collaboration Under [Your Instructables]

Step 6: Double Check and Remove Collaborators