Introduction: Add a "Flusher" to Your Favorite Outhouse

Over the 4th of July holiday, we like to stay at a backwoods cabin that has years ago, added Indoor plumbing, electricity, and  (egads!) even TV AND the internet. But the owners have decided to keep the outhouse as a working shrine to the "good old days". 

The idea for this Instructable came about because my dad and his brother...jokers that they are, thought it would be cute to add a fake flusher and "please flush" sign to the outhouse. They challenged me to make the flusher actually sound off. You know, play a digital sound similar to those birthday cards you can buy.

It was an easier project than I thought, so here's a quick Instructable, revealing how you can do something similar...if you're so moved  :-)

Step 1: Parts Required

Parts Required for this Flusher Instructable:
  • Standard flush handle and lever
  • Digital Recording Module from Radio Shack, part 276-1323, ~ $10
  • 1/2 of a Collector Card "Slider Box" ~$3
  • Micro switch
  • scrap wire
  • 9V battery
  • double stick tape
  • mounting screws

Step 2: Assemble

  • Record the Audio - The RadioShack Digital Recording Module is very easy to use, it includes a built in mic and speaker. All I needed to do was add the 9V battery, record a flushing sound, and solder a couple of wires to the switch
  • Solder wires to the play button - Carefully solder on wires that I could connect to my micro switch. 
    NOTE: we couldn't record the sound loud enough directly from a real toilet....ended up finding a sound clip on the internet and placing the mic directly over the speaker of my computer to make the recording.
  • Shorten the Toilet Lever - cut off all but about 3" of the pole that pulls up the flusher chain
  • Drill hole for the Flush Lever - Depending on which side of the box you want to mount the handle, you'll need to drill a hole for the flush lever you previously shortened. 
  • Dirll holes for mounting - Also drill a couple holes in the back to be used to mount the box on the wall (easier to drill before everything is assembled)
  • Mount stuff inside the box - I used doublestick padded tape to mount pretty much everything, the position of the microswitch is the only critical piece...has to be activated by the lever. Also mount the switch, the speaker, the module and the battery
  • Mount the project box - Place the box into it's rightful location of prominence and screw it down.

P.S. I left the record button in future pranks may result, who knows?

Thanks for checking this Instructable out, good luck on all your projects!

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