Introduction: Add More Privacy to Chain-link Fence With Wood Art

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I have a neighbor who likes to spy on my backyard projects through the chain-link fence door. I wouldnt mind so much but sometimes I get right out of bed into an early morning outdoor project wearing very little clothing. We are in the dog days of summer in Houston so clothing should be optional right?

I already have planted a mexican coral vine slowly covering the opposite side. So to avoid any embarassment, I decided to make it difficult for a peeker.

First measure the height and width of your chain-link door/area. Determine how many boards you will need. I only needed six 60" x 5 1/4 inch plus two for bracers to cover the area, depending on your boards' width this may vary. I reclaimed boards from another older fence that also needs to be regraded.

8 - 10 reclaimed wood boards (I used a mix of cedar and treated pine)

6 - 8 zip-ties (stainless steel or uv-resistant black)

wood glue

liquid nails and gun

brad nailer/stapler

Step 1: Cut Two Boards in Half.

These are the top and bottom bracers.

Step 2: Plane the Pieces a Bit.

TX/RX Labs hackerspace has a woodshop with a Delta 13in. planer. I wanted the reclaimed wood to have additional character without trying to make it look too "newly cut" on both sides so I had varied pieces.

Step 3: Align and Arrange the Boards.

Layout the boards. Glue and staple/nail/screw the top and bottom bracers. And attach the two remaining bracers on the opposite side.

Step 4: Screw Holes Around the Perimeter. Add Art. Hang.

The holes are for the zip-ties when it is time to hang it to the gate door. I recycled some scratchboards that I used for pyrography practice. I arranged and glued with liquid nails the pattern to cross the board seams for additional stability. But you can use your imagination on this part. After the glue dries, place the piece onto the door and use the zip-ties to attach it.

Solved my neighbor challenge and can enjoy my morning solitude again.

Remix your own chain-link fence.