Introduction: Make Your Garage Energy Efficient. Easy Install of Radiant Barrier Insulation to Garage Doors.

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I needed to "fix" a failed fiberglass insulation kit for garage doors from Owens Corning. Found the solution at one of the local big box home improvement stores with the Reflectix brand.

The panels in the failed fiberglass kit were only 22" wide and 60" long and needed a peel-n-stick plastic mount accessory centered to hold it in place. However it drooped and was unsightly.   

Step 1: Cleaning Preparation and Cutting Tools.

The radiant barrier rolls were 24" x 10' . Standard size of each panel row for the garage door. I used alcohol poured into a plastic spray bottle to clean the surface for better adhesion of the Scotch Super Adhesive 77 spay (or double-sided tape). Box cutters and scissors worked well for cutting slots for door hinges and excess material length.

Step 2: Clean Surface. Align. Spray Adhesive.

Spray and clean the panel surfaces. Unroll the radiant barrier and align. Spray both surfaces of the garage and insulation with adhesive. (An extra set of hands are best for this step but not required)  But since I did it solo, I sprayed and pressed a short unrolled length at a time, instead of pre-spraying the the whole surface sections and pressing the completely unrolled insulation in place.

Cut slots for hinges as the barrier insulation is applied and cut off any excess on the roll ends.

Step 3: Finish

Press along edges to ensure proper adhesion. Open the garage door to check proper alignment and panel separation.