Introduction: Adding Dust Collection to Our Workbench!

About: Hey! This is Molly and Dylan from the YouTube Channel Woodbrew:) We started a custom furniture business after high school and that has turned into creating DIY content online.

We are revamping our favorite workbench that we made over 2 years ago! We have a pretty small shop, around 20 x 20, and every single space is crucial to be used in a functional way. The bottom shelf of the workbench has been a catch-all space since we built it, so it's time we made some changes. Hi, we are Molly and Dylan and we are clean freaks. We clean after everyday we work in the shop by sweeping, vacuuming and putting everything back where it belongs. To vacuum, we roll around our shop vac and then it gets put back in a corner where we walk a lot when we are done . Here is what we are going to do to fix this problem.

Step 1: Adding a Hose Reel

We are going to under mount this hose reel (affiliate link) and hose mount (affiliate link) from Rockler and take off the handle and wheels to our shop vac, so it all can fit under the workbench. This is going be perfect because we work a bunch on the workbench, and now we have a vacuum ready to go, always.

To connect the two, we cut down a 2 1/2" hose (affiliate link) just the right length they need to be apart from each other. Then, used hose clamps(affiliate link) to attach the hose to the swiveling hose adapters.

Step 2: Adding an Extension Reel and Switch

We decided to get a little fancy with it all and add in our extension reel (affiliate link) under the workbench as well. This has been in a real inconvenient spot in our shop for a while, so it'll get so much more use here. To top it all off, we installed a dust collection switch (affiliate link) to the vacuum. Now we have a remote to turn on the vacuum when we need it and not have to reach under and flip the vacuum switch every time. We have one of these on our big dust collector and it is absolutely amazing. You can be anywhere in the shop and turn on dust collection and get to work.

Step 3: Done!

Having all of this here is seriously going to make our work flow go a lot smoother, and efficiency is what we area all about. Our goal for the shop is to have a space for everything. We are on a good track, but there are still so many spaces that need major help. These kind of shop projects are the best because you are helping yourself and your work in the long run. Onto the next shop project!