Introduction: Adding Features to Android

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So, you want to become the master of your new (or old) phone? Android is an OS that is opensource, but the problem is when companies load it onto there own smartphones, they tend to take the stock form of android and twist it a little. This "twisting" can lock up features that users may want to experience. In this Instructables I will show you how to unlock these hidden features and become the master your phone deserves.

In this simple process we will unlock a setting called Developer Options. On older android devices (I.e. android 2.3 and under) this may not be necessary. Please note, Once developer options are unlocked they cannot re-locked.....but it does no harm to your device by keeping them unlocked.

Step 1: You've Got the Power!

Reference the images above if you get stuck.

Step 1: Open the settings app

Step 2: Scroll down until you see a tab that says about phone, about device or just about. click it

Step 3: Scroll down again until you see Build Number. Click it...Hmmm it doesn't do anything....Click it again! and again and again and again. Click it a couple times and a messages will pop up saying "Your only 4 steps away from becoming a developer."

Step 4: Finally it says your a developer! click out of "about phone" and go to main settings menu. You will now see a new tab called Developer Options!!

Step 4 1/2: Do a little dance

Step 5: Click on Developer Options, you will now see a plethora of new options available to you.

Step 6: Be confused because you might not understand what the heck all these options are!

Step 7: Become unconfused because I will explain the basics in the next step

Step 2: Exploring New Features (Beginner)

There are obviously a lot of options once you become a developer.

If your not really into jumping into the deeper functions of these options and just want to have some fun click on the options below and discover for yourself what they do. Trust me these options will do nothing to your phone, you can always turn them off right after you turn them on if you dont like them.

(You may have to scroll to find these)

Show Touches

Show Pointer Location

Show Screen Updates (This one might be annoying)

Show Layout Boundaries

Show CPU Usage

Debug GPU Over Draw

Step 3: Exploring New Features (Advance)

Wow your still here! You must be quite the Nerd. Haha welcome to the group.

Desktop Backup Password

  • Using this option you can put a password onto any backup you put onto your computer. Just don't forget the Password.

Stay Awake

  • This option should be pretty self explanatory. It doesn't let your screen go into standby while charging.

Bluetooth HCI Snoop Log

  • Enabling the Bluetooth Host Controller Interface will place packets onto the storage where you can analyze them.

Process Stats

  • Boring stats....Just click it...

USB Debugging

  • Arguably the most useful feature, this option allows you to communicate with your computer via USB. This is also the first step for rooting your device.

Revoke USB Debugging

  • Pretty much just cancels out the option above.

Allow Mock Locations

  • Trick your GPS into thinking its somewhere that its not.

Select App To Be Debugged

  • The only time I have used this feature is when I was creating an app in Unity and needed to select the app I was debugging.

Force RTL Layout

  • RTL stand for Right to Left. This is used if your using other languages? And doesnt seem to do a whole lot for me.

Window Animation Scale

  • This and the next to options will speed up or slow down the transitions between windows or apps.

Simulate Secondary Displays

  • This will show you what other screens would look like on your device

Turn On 4XMSAA

  • Turning on this feature will make 3d games look alot better, but only if your device can handle it. Also your battery might get drained

Step 4: That's All for Now

Thats all for now! Thanks for the taking the time to look through this Instructable. Remember to vote for me in the Digital Life 101 Contest if you have found this interesting or learned something new:)

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