Introduction: Adding IBooks Fonts and Book Cover to Android Applications

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OK now for a little background story, i have switched from my iPad 1G (yeah is a excellent eBook reader and some more stuff, just needed a jailbreak) to a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 LTE. The problem is i liked the iBooks experience and wanted it somehow on my android tablet, after browsing and trying some eBook readers from google play store i found something that i liked, the Aldiko Book Reader ( i buyed premium after trying the free version but its OK with free version too). After some settings changed like spacing, font size, background color i had a problem, My app does not have the same fonts like Iowan, Athelas, Seravek and so on. Then i remembered that the .IPA (IOS application package file) file are like .APK (android package file) files, a archive, that means i just need to export or download from the internet iBooks.ipa rename it to (yeah changing extension) and then you can just extract all the stuff inside with (winzip,winrar 7zip or anything you use or like).

Step 1: What You Gonna See and Need to Do.

You extracted iBooks.ipa (renamed to zip)

- Payload (Folder)

- iTunesArtwork (File)

- iTunesMetadata.plist (File)

We need only the fonts, remember ?

Go in flowing folders \Payload\\

all fonts have the extension .ttf

There you get:

IowanOldStyle-Bold.ttf , IowanOldStyle-BoldItalic.ttf , IowanOldStyle-Italic.ttf ,IowanOldStyle-Roman.ttf

Athelas-Bold.ttf, Athelas-BoldItalic.ttf, Athelas-Italic.ttf, Athelas-Regular.ttf

Seravek-Bold.ttf, Seravek-BoldItalic.ttf, Seravek-Italic.ttf, Seravek.ttf

There are more fonts, but i really like those from the Apple's iBooks app.

Copy them to a new folder and put in a suggestive name (like Custom Fonts for Android) and delete the rest of files that you don't need.

For Aldiko

Now mount you tablet/phone android device

go to


Drag and drop your TrueType (.ttf extension) font files into the font earlier navigated folder.

For Mantano and Aldiko, there’s a “fonts” folder under the main app
folder. Moon+ looks for them in sdcard/fonts. Copy your .tff file to the required location, open up your app and follow the app’s instructions to change your font.

For convenience i added the default book cover as a jpeg.