Introduction: Convert a Full Album Mp3 to Splited Tracks

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OK, how to split the new found full mp3 to tracks.

Like you found "Black Horse - Mongolian Traditional Classical Music" on YouTube ( and wanna have it as mp3 and split in to tracks.

Step 0. - Go to ( there input the YouTube URL from before or what you want, click convert and then click download.

Step 1.- Download & Install mp3splt Portable (

Step 2.- Download & Install mp3tag Portable (

Step 3.- Start mp3split go to "Batch & automatic split" tab, click on "Add files or directories" and choose your full album mp3

Step 4.- Now go to ( and on search put artist name and album and hit search

(like "Black Horse - Mongolian Traditional Classical Music"), for me is the first one click details and then there is the id written in red click on it, now select all and copy, open Notepad and paste all the info inside and save it with the same name as the mp3 file but with the extension .cddb [See Image 2]

Step 5.- Back at our waiting mp3split choose last option, "Use CDDB file with similar name as the input file" and after hit "Batch split" button, upper right [See Image 1]

Step 6.- Start mp3tag drag your new files from windows Music folder (C:\Users\<username>\Music\ or better

%USERPROFILE%\Music\) to his window

Step 7.- Select all and then right click an them and choose convert sub-menu and 1st option "Tag - Filename" then hit save button upper left.

Done, you have successfully converted a full album mp3 to the tracks that made it in a automated way, without recompensing and lose quality, using two portable software that can be easily deleted after use and don't need administrator privileges to install or use.