Introduction: Adding Lateral Stabilization to a Lower End Car Bike Rack

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My search for inline skates at one of the local thrift store was fruitless. Otherwise, this would be on how to make a pair of Doom Wheels :) That's instructable differed.

Instead, I found a bike rack for $5! Exactly what I was looking for. I already have a bike rack (and get quite a bit of use out of it). The plan is to add two straps to stabilize the rack laterally to prevent my bikes from shaking side to side while at speed (it's scary at times). I'll feel a little better knowing that the upper and lower hooks won't just slide off in a turn too.

Step 1: Remove Old Straps From Donor Rack

Mine were held on with an 11mm nylon safety nut. Hold on to your nuts (both of them), you'll need them for the next step.

Step 2: Attach Straps

I think I was lucky. I had a little bit of threaded rod in the right location on my rack which happened to have the same threading as the nylon safety nuts.

Place the strap on the rod and then tighten with the nylon nut.

Step 3: Test Out on Car

My next instructable will be how to attach such a rack to a sedan. While it seems trivial, I've seen too many racks installed improperly.

Little instruction here but so much of a great idea that the racks that cost 3X more have them!