Introduction: Adding a Nose Wire to a Sonovia Cloth Mask

Sonovia makes really nice cloth masks that are supposed to have an antiviral coating, tested to be effective against SARS-CoV-2. When I got our masks, however, I was disappointed that they had no nose wire, and as a result there was a lot of air leaking around the nose.

Their responsive tech support said they would be mailing nosepieces later to interested customers (I signed up for this), but in the meanwhile there is an easy DIY fix. The method works for any mask with piping in the top edge.

Step 1: Cut Wire

Get some solid-core copper wire, about 2mm (3/32") in diameter including insulation. You should be able to get this at the hardware store but mine was scavanged from an old fluorescent lamp.

My original design used a single length of wire. However, the second time I laundered the mask, in laundry it poked through the piping and came out! So I am now trying a double-folded wire. Cut about a 20cm (about 8"0 segment.

Ensure nothing sharp sticks out the ends.

Fold in half.

If you want to use a single length of wire, maybe do something like put a bit of heat shrink on the ends to keep them from poking through the ribbon.

Step 2: Cut Stitch

Cut the stitch thread in the piping along the top of the mask in one place, about two centimeters (or about an inch) from one side. I used a seam ripper, but you can use the tip of a sharp knife.

Step 3: Insert Wire

Insert the wire into the piping and align it at the center. Shape to fit your nose.

Step 4: Sew Up

Sew a little bit where you cut to keep the piping from unraveling. I used a sewing machine, but you can also do it by hand (e.g., a small section of backstitch).