Introduction: Adjustable BookLight

It is 00:00 in the night, you are about to finish a very, very interesting book, BUT you are in the dark you do not see anything. What do you do??

Go to sleep and have nightmare thinking in the book, or... end it with the adjustable BOOKLIGHT?

The booklight is a very useful device, do not worry if you see a lot of steps because they are all very very simple to do.

NOW there is no excuse to not read in the dark.

Step 1: Supplies

I used:

  • A full notebook you are about to throw to the bin
  • A broken clothespin
  • Superglue
  • Some aluminium
  • Insulating tape
  • 1 potentiometer (10KΩ)
  • 7 leds
  • 3V battery
  • Cables

Step 2: Making the Arm: Taking Out the Wire

From the notebook I was about to throw, I took out the wire (do not throw it yet).

Step 3: Making the Arm: Stretch the Wire

I stretched the wire of the notebook.

Warning: you will see it is very, very long.

Step 4: Making the Arm: Fold It by the Middle & Roll It.

I folded the wire in the middle and winded it.

Step 5: Making the Arm: Fold Again, Roll It, 90º

Later I folded the wire as it is shown in the second image, folded by 3/4 of the wire to the middle.

then form a 90º angle with the other middle wire.

Step 6: MAKING THE ARM: Taking Out the Spring

From the broken clothespin I took out the spring in the middle.

Step 7: Making the Arm : Spring + Wire

I Inserted the wire (not double fold part) in the hole of the spring, stick it using the super glue and fold the wire 90º in the border of the spring.

Step 8: Arm + Insulating Tape

I covered the double fold wire with the insulating tape and the clothespin borders.

Step 9: Spring Form

I folded the wire as an spring form, in the last circle must enter the 7 leds.

Step 10: Connection Schetck

Step 11: Stick the Leds

I want the light to have a high intensit,y that is why I am using 7 leds, join in a circle shape.

Stick the led using the superglue.

Step 12: Join Led Poles

Leds have negative and positive poles, I wanted to arrage the led in series, to save space and cable I try to roll the legs of the led with the same poles, and later tie the cables separate the poles.

So at the end, I had only 2 cables, one with the positive pole and the other with the negative.

Step 13: Isolate the Legs

To make sure the poles do not mix between each other in the part the metal was naked I covered it with insulating tape.

Step 14: Potentiometer

As it is said in the title this will be an adjustable light, I needed a potentiometer of 10kΩ.

To prove the potentiometer was in good conditions I tie to the led separated from the wire first.

When you are sure the potentiometer works perfect, connect it and stick the leds and the potentiometer to the wire.

Step 15: Wrap Everything

Wrap everything with the insulating tape, it only must be seeing the arm of the potentiometer, the 7 leds and the 2 cables that connect the positive (from the leds the white cable ) and negative(from the potentiometer the blue cable) must be out

Step 16: Making the Battery Holder: Measures

With the cover of the full notebook, draw the following rectangles.

I am using a 3V battery, so I do not need any resistance in the white led (if it was of any other color I would have to used resistances).

The diameter of the battery was 20 mm, and its width of 4 mm. In the battery holder I left some extra space for the aluminium.

Cut & Stick all the rectangles in the notebook cover.

Step 17: Making the Battery Holder: Alumium

As the aluminium is a great electrical conductor, I used it to make bigger the connection to the poles.

Cut 2 rectangles of more or less 30mm x 20mm. With the cables inside fold them in the middle.

Step 18: Making the Battery Holder: Stick the Aluminium With the Box

Stick the aluminium to the box, and the box to the wire.

I stick it with the battery inside to be more precise.

As it is a battery holder, you can take out the battery whenever and wherever who want.


A book is an open door to a total different world. they make you laught, cry, feel...

Thanks for reading, I wish my proyect has helped you someway.

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