Introduction: Marshmallow Nutella Fried Sandwich

The first time I made this sandwich was 1 year ago, since then I haven't made them again.

Not because they were not good (quite the opposite, they were delicious), but because I did not find the moment. But thanks to Instructables, I decided to make them again and share my sandwich recipe (quite easy to do actually).

Step 1: Supplies

I am making 6 sandwiches :

  • 1 Egg
  • Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil to fried
  • 6 Marshmallow
  • 6 Slide bread
  • 2 spoons of Colacao/Nesquik | or Nutella
  • Milk

Step 2: Homemade Nutella

In a bowl, mix 3 spoons of Colacao/Nesquik and 2 spoons of milk until it gets the texture of nutella.

If you already have nutella/nocilla you can skip this step.

Step 3: Marshmallow + Nutella

In the corner of a slide bread, add some Nutella and between a marshmallow. The amount of nutella you put depends on how much you like.

Step 4: Assemble

Cut the slide bread in 2 (triangles), squash the sandwich and with some vase or cylindrical mold, cut it and join the 2 slide of bread as a pasty.

If you do not close the sandwich correctly the marshmallow will disappear (but the flavour will still be there)

I coat the excess bread in milk and egg and fried them. They tasted really good, like TORRIJAS (typical Spanish dessert).

Step 5: Cover on Milk

After coating it on milk, drain it few seconds.

Step 6: Beat and Cover on Egg

Step 7: Fry

You must have warmed up the oil before putting the sandwiches.

When the sandwiches are gold take them away.

Step 8: It Is Eating Timee!!!

Totally recommend to cook this sandwiches, they are easy, take no time to do it and are delicious.

It is curious how some sandwich break a little when they are frying and the marshmallow disappear but still taste as marshmallow.

Hope you enjoy it the same I enjoy doing it :)

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