Introduction: Adjustable Eye Wear ---- Silly Solutions

Hi! i am Aryan Vyas. A fifth grade teacher from India. During this Lockdown I recently discovered Tinkercad and also persuaded some of my students to join. So when I read about the Distance Learning with Tinkercad competition , i asked some of my students to send me their entries . Together my students and i selected the we liked the best. It was an idea for glasses with adjustable lens.

Along with the money it takes to buy a pair of glasses,which is around 40 dollars, the cost of a comprehensive eye exam can be as low as $50, the average price for an eye exam is slightly more than $100, with the exact amount dependent on a number of factors. This is just not affordable for poor people After the eye exam it takes about a day for the eyes to adjust . After that there is the time it takes to receive the glasses. taking in consideration all these factors,we came up with a perfect solution. Adjustable Eye Wear. Even though there are prototypes available, this one is better because it is 3D printed making it cost efficient. Just imagine , you need a pair of glasses. You just stroll down to the nearest store grab a pair of Adjustable eye wear stand in front of a mirror and Voila! it's perfect.

This is the main frame. the orange back lens is adjustable


This is the stem of the glasses it contains a round gear with a bar gear which is connected to the back lens. When the round gear is turned it slides the bar gear which adjusts the back lens.