Introduction: Adjustable Tealight Bunsen Burner Tripod With Optional Flask Holder

As a homeschool family, we often perform chemistry experiments. A traditional laboratory style gas Bunsen Burner is not always available or convenient. Alcohol burners are an option, but we never seem to have the alcohol on hand. Often a simple tea light is sufficient.

Additionally, children are not cautious creatures. Glass equipment slides easily off of the tripod platform creating dangerous situations..

This project will simplify your home chemistry lab and alleviate (at least a little) anxiety so you can enjoy performing experiments with your little mad scientists.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Materials Needed For Adjustable Tealight Holder:

tripod stand

metal jar lid - slightly larger than tripod platform


drill with bit slightly larger than tripod legs

cable ties

side cutters or scissors

Materials Needed For Optional Flask Holder:

metal jar lid - large enough to hold your largest flask/beaker

drill and drill bit

side cutters or tin snips


Bunsen burner gauze

Step 2: Disassmble Tripod and Mark the Holes

Remove the legs from the tripod platform. Lay the platform on top of the lid. Trace around the threaded holes.

Step 3: Drill the Holes for the Legs

Drill holes directly through the center of each of the traced circles made in the previous step.

Step 4: Slide the Legs Through the Holes

Slide each tripod leg through the holes drilled in the previous step.

Step 5: Reassemble the Tripod

Screw the legs back onto the tripod platform.

Step 6: Attach a Cable Tie on Each Leg

Attach a cable tie around each leg. The ties need to be snug, but not immobile. We want them to hold the tealight platform in place, but still have the ability to slide up or down. Cut the excess cable tie with a scissors or side cutters.

Step 7: Your Tripod Is Now Ready to Use

The tripod is now ready to use. To increase heat, move the tealight platform and cable ties up. To reduce the heat, move the tealight platform and cable ties down.

Step 8: Optional Flask Holder - Mark and Drill Center

Choose a lid that will be large enough for your largest flask/beaker. Trace the center of the tripod platform onto the center of the lid. Drill a hole in the center.

Step 9: Optional Flask Holder - Cut With Side Cutters

Use a side cutters or tin snips to make several cuts from the middle hole to edge of the mark we made in step 8. Caution: Edges will be very sharp.

Step 10: Optional Flask Holder - Bend Segments Down

Bend the segments down using a side cutters or pliers.

Step 11: Optional Flask Holder - Secure Onto Tripod Platform

Place the the lid (our flask holder), bottom side up. Tip the tripod platform upside down and carefully set it on the flask holder. The segments of the flask holder should now be sticking up through the hole in the center of the tripod platform. Use a pliers to push the segments, flush, against the tripod platform. This will secure the flask holder.

Step 12: Optional Flask Holder - Cut Screen and Insert

Cut a medium weight screen or Bunsen burner gauze and lay it in the flask holder.

Step 13: Your Adjustable Tealight Bunsen Burner With Flask Holder Is Complete

Your adjustable tealight Bunsen burner with flask holder is now ready to use.

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