Introduction: Adjustable Wrench Super Mod 2

So, what modifications can really be done to an adjustable wrench? Actually, there is no limit in modifying this basic tool. As simple as this wrench is, there is a lot going for it. High quality steel, a nice streamlined handle and a variety of sizes. Some simple modifications require just a grinder. More advanced designs still only require a few basic tools. Here we will use an adjustable wrench and a socket wrench. These 2 tools met in college and have finally decided to tie the knot. This project does require welding but is still fairly easy.


High quality adjustable wrench (6 inch)
High quality socket wrench (1/4 inch)
Metal cut off disc

Step 1: Cutting and Fitting

This step is simple and straightforward. Cut each tool as shown and fit the socket head as tight as possible. This will make for a stronger and more precise weld.

Step 2: Disassembly

The socket head must be disassembled due to packing grease, small parts that don't like to be super heated and occasionally parts made from non-steel metals.

Step 3: Welding Ceremony

Their life long bond is almost complete. Use a sheet metal vise grip and lock the parts together. Tack weld each side. Remove the vise grip and weld both sides.

Step 4: Heat Treating

Since this new tool was welded, some heat treating should be considered to temper the steel. However, you can skip this step and use as is but try tempering if it's within your skills.

Step 5: Sanding and Polishing

If your welding is precise enough, then proceed to polishing. If not, grind or sand to your liking and then polish. I'm not too particular how any weld looks as long as it's solid. Now if you want this or any modification to look perfect, consider using a TIG welder.

Step 6: A Finished Super Mod 2 Wrench

Reassemble the socket head and re-grease. Hey, you're done. Now go forth and start cutting tools in half and reassemble them into useful and even weird combinations. Have fun and be safe!

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