Introduction: Adjustable Wrench Super Mod

This is a wrench modification that might end up being your favorite tool. Who doesn't need an adjustable wrench with a built-in pry bar? This is a very easy tool modification. The actual design and process is fairly simple but I call it a "super mod" because of the sheer possibilities this wrench can perform. This design is not new but modifying your own wrench is satisfying and fun!


1 High Quality Adjustable Wrench
Angle Grinder or Cut Off Wheel
Bench Grinder
Bench Sander

Step 1: Keep It COOL

During the entire modification, do not let the steel handle get too hot. Have a container of water handy to immerse the handle into. By keeping the steel cool, you will not lose the original tempered strength. This Crescent wrench is made from high quality steel and is almost indestructible.

Step 2: Cutting Off the Wrench End

Use a metal cut off wheel and remove just the end of the wrench.

Step 3: Grinding the Proper Shape

Either grind or power sand the end into a pleasing pry bar shape. The more accurate your grinding is, the less final sanding and polishing you will have to do.

Step 4: Sand It Smooth

Once you have the proper shape, fine sand and polish to your liking. There is enough thickness to create a slight curved tip that will help in prying. When everything looks good, grind or sand a slight angle on each side of the leading edge. This will help to wedge the bar into tight areas.

Step 5: A Finished Super Mod Wrench

Hey, you're done! This is one of the easiest tool modifications I know of. I have several sizes I keep in my tool box and they do come in handy. I have a large 14 inch version that I have actually stood on while prying up concrete. It's almost indestructible!

Step 6: Super Wrench Update

Here is an extra modification that can be performed after you're finished. Cut a small V into the wedge and now you have a great nail puller. Be accurate and center the V cut to maintain maximum strength.

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