Introduction: Adjusting Parts on Faceplate Made Easy (Lathe)

While making a bore for HLQ at the TechShop in San Jose I was having some issues adjusting the part without unclamping it from the face plate and losing my location or pushing it too hard in one direction. In order to adjust the part while it was mounted on the face plate I had to attach adjusting blocks to the face plate  This would allow me to adjust the part very slightly without  having my part fall or slide away from the direction I wanted it to go. The trick is to put the part close enough to the adjusting block so when you unscrew the bolts from the block, they actually press against the part and move it away from the block.

Tips: Don't have the mounting brackets really tight against the part when you attempt to adjust the part with the adjusting blocks. I left the part closer to  the adjusting blocks that way I could unscrew the bolts between the part and the adjusting blocks to move the part in the direction I wanted. In the picture below the adjusting blocks are within the green circles. I got fairly accurate results with this set up. I would also recommend turning as slow as possible while using a face plate given the danger of an object falling off. Some individuals actually wire the blocks to the faceplate so if they come loose, the won't fly off and damage something/someone. In the YouTube video it's a little easier to see how the unit is set up.