Loose Leaf Tea

Introduction: Loose Leaf Tea

Spending long days at the techshop but craving some good brewed tea? I made this delicious black tea at the tech shop last night and thought others might enjoy a cup of their own. (http://techshop.ws/)

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Things you will need:
1.Tea cup with strainer insert to separate the leaf from the water as shown.
    (This particular mug is double walled glass construction.)
2. Raw tea leaves
3. Hot water

Step 2: Deposit Tea in Stainer and Insert Into Mug

Once you have put the desired amount of tea into the strainer (I use roughly 1 tea spoon), insert the strainer into the mug so it fits securely and wont move once the water is pored over it

Step 3: Hot Water Time!

Pore hot water over the strainer and allow the tea to be submerged for the length of the steep. This time depends on what type of tea you have but usually between 3-5 minutes. Keep in mind, if allowed to steep too long the tea may become bitter in taste.

Step 4: Enjoy!!

Now, all you need to do is remove the strainer and leaves. I usually steep the leaves twice before I use new ones. 


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    9 years ago

    Anodean that's a great recommendation. I sometimes put the tea leaves under the strainer. It works really well for white teas or one of my favorites, yerba mate chocolate. Thank you for the info :-)