Introduction: Adopt-a-Bot Wants to Go Home With You!

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Adopt-a-Bot rescues thousands of adoptable robots and provides a safe and happy environment while they wait for their forever homes. Come find the robot that is waiting for your family!

Step 1: Download Pattern

Step 2: Cut Out Adopt-a-Bot

Fold sheet on centerline and cut out Adopt-a-Bot along the solid black line. Cut the ear-lines so his ears dangle free!

Step 3: Fold Creases on Dashed/dotted Lines

With Adopt-a-Bot still folded along his centerline, crease along each dashed/dotted line, bending the paper in both directions.

Step 4: Flatten and Fold Back Head

Lay Adopt-a-Bot out flat and fold back the head along the dotted line at the base of the neck.

Step 5: Fold Head Forward

Gently fold the head forward along the adjacent dashed line while re-folding Adopt-a-Bot along his centerline.

Step 6: Bend Head Down

To bend the head down into the proper position, open neck area slightly and fold down along the next dashed line and up along the dotted line.

Step 7: Bring Ears to Outside

Once the head is in position, bring Adopt-a-Bot's ears to the outside so he can hear your call!

Step 8: Fold Tail

Slightly separate Adopt-a-Bot’s hind legs. Push on the centerline to fold the tail down on the dashed line and then lift up the end of the tail to fold up on the dotted line. Adopt-a-bot is ready to wag his tail and follow you home!