Introduction: CatBot9000

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Meghan Schultz

Don Fountain

Gwen Aguilar

Step 1:

1) Have the following materials to execute this project:

• Scissors • Scotch Tape

2) Cut around the black line

Step 2: Step 2

3) Flip on backside and fold paper on the red dotted lines. Fold box line last

4) Cut out 4 pieces of tape and fold the tape so the adhesive is on both sides (You are basically creating double stick tape ‘loop’) and place on the red star. This will form the bottom

Step 3: Step 3

5) Place the small pieces of tape on the red stars on the tab

6. Fold sides so they are parallel with the tabs You should have made a have made a 3-sided box

7) Put a tape loop on the blue star

8) Take one large piece of tape (about 1 inch) and fold the green star on the top panel towards the green star on the side panel. Tape these sides together

9) Fold hands and feet along the perforated red lines once CatBot is constructed

10) Fold the base of the tail on the red dotted line in any direction you desire

11) VERY IMPORTANT: Pet CatBot 9000 frequently