Introduction: Adorable 3D Printing Owl Succulent Pot

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Small decorations are always adorable. My daughter made me this 3d printed flower pot in the shape of an owl to plant some succulents.
I will explain some tips to plant them properly and prevent them from drying out and dying.

You can download the model for 3D printing from here:


  • Soil
  • Flower pot
  • Succulent
  • Teaspoon
  • Black paint (optional)

Step 1: Decorate the Pot (optional)

I painted the owl's eyes with black paint to give it more contrast.

Step 2: Add Soil to the Pot

Fill the pot with soil halfway, to give enough space to the roots of the succulent.

Step 3: Select the Succulent

The variety of succulents is infinite, choose the succulent that you like the most, this must be of a small size so that it is proportional to the body of the owl.

Step 4: Insert the Succulent

Carefully insert the succulent into the top hole of the owl, do not worry about it moving, in the next step we will adjust it.

Step 5: Add More Soil

Finally, with a teaspoon, add soil around the root of the succulent until it is completely filled, this is to adjust the succulent and prevent it from moving and dying.

Step 6: Result

I hope that you all enjoyed this Instructable! Thanks for reading and watching.

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