Introduction: Adorable Gift Bag

Most of us don’t think twice before we tossed the gift boxes, but it can be re-used. I always looking for a way to recycle – upcycle – repurpose.

Today, I would like to share how I recycled once used gift box and made it to a gift bag.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

1. One set of a gift box - It can be any size. The box size will determine the size of the gift bag.

2. One decorative bow (Optional) - I used a paper bow that I made for this project, but it can be anything you wish to use. It's for the decorative purpose. The bag without the bow is nice too.

3. Any material that is suitable to use as the handle. ex: Twine, Yarn, Rope

4. Plain Paper Glue

5. Clips or Clothespins

6. Hole Puncher/Ice Pick/Drill

7. Scissors - Plain Cut and Decorative Cut (optional)

8. Ruler

9. Box Knife/Cutter

10. Marker/Pencil/Pen

Step 2: Cutting

For the gift box that I used for this project has a store logo on the box and I didn't want to include the logo on my gift bag. So, I decide to cut just below for the body of the bag and the above the logo (for the top of the bag that will cover the edge of the box. Once I cut the top piece of the box, I used that as my templates and cut the bottom of the box.

1. Open up the box, so that it can be flat on the surface.

2. Draw the line below the logo and the above the logo.

Note: Now, you should have 2 pieces from the top of the box without the logo; The larger piece and the smaller piece.

3. The taller piece of the box, measure from the box's fold area about 1.75 inches. Do this on all 3 sides, draw the line and cut. This will be the width of the gift box. Do this on all 3 sides.

Note: If you need larger width for the gift bag, you can use as is without any cutting or cut to the size you want.

4. The short piece, cut both sides at the fold line. - Refer to the photo.

5. Using the 2 pieces that you just cut as a template, trace the same size for the bottom part of the box. (basically, repeat the step 1 - 4)

When you are done the cutting, you should end up with total 4 pieces: 2 pieces to make the gift box and 2 pieces to cover the edge of the box top.

Step 3: Time to Glue

It's time to make the box.

1. Now the box is all cut to the right size, we need to glue back the corner of the box. Let the glue to set. - Refer to photo.

2. Grab one of the taller pieces put a glue on all 3 sides (the width) and match them up with another piece. Let the glue to set.

3. Glue the back of the shorter pieces and put it over the box. This will cover the cut mark of the box and it will transform from the gift box to gift bag. Put clips on the cover pieces and make sure glue is set.

Step 4: Add Handles and Final Touch

1. Punch 2 holes on the top of the box to add a handle. - Refer to the photo and repeat this on the other side as well.

Note: Top of the bag is rather thick. It has 3 layers of thick card stock (which the box is made of). So, if hole punch does not work well, you can drill the hole.

2. On one side of the bag, I glue paper-bow (another one of my handmade item) at the top, near the handle for additional decoration.

This project took about 15 min.

Recycle - Upcycle and Repurpose!