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I got tired of sitting and decided to build an affordable stand up desk for the office. We have three treadmill desks in our office, but I only needed to get out of my chair. It took a little while to adjust to standing up, but now I can't quite see going back to sitting. I also bought a stool that I use a little bit during the day or if I've had too much exercise over the weekend.

Before you get started, figure out your measurements. This is a good resource to help you get started and make sure to allow for the height of the keyboard you plan to be using. You might want your measurements on the low side as you can always raise your keyboard/mouse with some kind of riser. Cutting down your desk afterward is a bit tougher, which I found out the hard way. I use a books and magazines to fine tune the finished heights.

I bought all of these at Home Depot for about $80.

3 - 8' 2x2
1 - 4' x 24" top
1 - 1" 4'x8' sheet of nice plywood

Follow the pictures and image notes to walk through the process of building this desk.

Happy standing!

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