Introduction: Air Cooler

Okay, so there isn’t a great amount of DIY about this, but it is where the majority of DIY air conditioning projects begin: a fan, and some ice. Rather than blowing air around a room with a fan, it blows cool air.

Here, the ice is on a tray, in the form of cubes from your freezer. The fan is angled down slightly, and the air is cooled as it passes over the ice. But how well does this work?

Having given this a go myself, it has a few flaws. First, the ice cubes melt far quicker than a larger block ice, so you’re going to find you need an inexhaustible supply of ice. Second, a faster fan gives better results than a slower one.

Third, oscillation isn’t possible without missing the ice (unless you have a very long tray).


A large container
A plastic bottle
Hot glue
Ice cubes

Step 1:

Cut a rectangular piece and make some holes around it on the lid

Step 2:

Cut out a part of a plastic bottle and glue it to the container

Step 3:

Connect the motor fan battery and switch and glue it to the container as shown in the picture.

Step 4:

Add ice cubes into the container and on the switch.

Now you will have cool Air in your room during the hot summer