Introduction: Pusheen With Doughnuts Plush

Do you love playing with stuffed toys and cannot buy them because of lockdown. You just need a pair of socks and you can make a pusheen toy


Old pair of gray socks
Fake fur (white , brown)
Two black marbles
One small black marble
Diffrent colours of felt

Step 1: Pusheen's Body

Cut out a piece for the pusheen's body. Leave a small space to insert fur. Insert the fur and sew the hole.

Step 2: Pusheen's Design

Cut out three pieces of small black felt and two pieces of big black felt and sew it to the pusheen as shown in the picture

Step 3: Pusheen's Yummy Doughnut

Take some brown fur. Make a swirl and poke it with a needle . Now take some white fur and put it on top of the brown fur for frosting. Cut pieces of colorful felt and stick it on the doughnut for sprinkles. Take some black felt and sew it as whiskers. Cut out out pusheen's hands and legs insert fur and sew it to the pusheen's body.
Now stick the marbles on the face as eyes and noes.

Yay! You have your very own pusheen toy

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