Air Quality Monitoring With DSM501A With Nokia LCD




Introduction: Air Quality Monitoring With DSM501A With Nokia LCD

Hello friends!

In this short instructable i will show you how to monitor the air qulaity at your home or anywhere.

It is quite easy to assemble this budget price air quality monitoring station.

Step 1: Google Is Your Friend

I have ordered this sensor from Aliexpress a few months ago and i did not have much free time to play with it. To be honest, i could not achive the desired result i have wanted. I was searching the internet for a proper article.

A few hours of serching i found 2 of them:

The second tutorial is very detailed and has a lot of explanation of what is what.

Step 2: Material

The parts needed for this project:

- Any arduino board

- DSM501A dust sensor

- Nokia 5110 LCD

- A few F-M jumper wires

Step 3: Software and Connections

Connections are:

Nokia 5110

Reset D12

CE D11

DC D10



VCC 3.3 V

BL 3.3 V

GND Ground


1 pin Not used

2 pin PM 1.0 Digital 5 (PWM)

3 pin Vcc 5 volts

4 pins PM 2.5 Digital 6 (PWM)

5 pin Ground

If you have compiling errors, pls copy sketch to a new tab without saving and then try again.

Step 4: Air Monitoring in Action

After assembling i took the opportunity to test it. So i went outside to the shades and waited. It takes about a minute for the sensor to warm up. Pls avoid using the sensor in direct sunlight!

I used and arduino uno with an acrillic box on purpose. I did not wanted to place it on directly on a table, avoid anything that can interrupt the PWM signal.

I have experimented with a aerosol , blowing smoke towards the sensor, which has reacted very fast. The sampling time was reduced to 10 seconds. I think that peroid of time is perfect for it.

I am not sure or don't know how accurate this sensor is, but for experimenting or for hobby projects i think it acceptable.

Pls experiment with it too.

Step 5: Future Plans

I am planning to remake this with a ESP8266. The plan is a color TFT LCD and data upload to Thingspeak or other databases. As soon i finish with it(50% is done) i will update it.

Step 6: Disclaimer

I do not own this software! I just added a few lines of code to display the results!

Step 7: Done!

You are done. Have a good time experimenting with it!

Have a nice day!

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    2 Discussions

    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    1 year ago

    Nice system. Thank you for sharing it, and for linking to the resources you found helpful :-)


    Reply 1 year ago

    Hello Alex!
    Thank you for the kind words :)

    First of all i was searching a proper method to monitor the air pollution with this sensor.
    It is pointless to lie that:"i wrote this sketch......". :)
    This is someone else's hard work and i respect it, the credit is not mine.
    I am now working on the Esp8266 based version with a color TFT LCD combined with a bar chart, sensor data upload to thingspeak or MQTT. But sadly i don't have much free time because of work.