Introduction: ESP8266 Duck Hunt

Hello there!

Today i will make a short instructable how to make a little game pcb board to play duck hunt with Esp8266.

Lets start!

Step 1:

In this year i saw a youtube video, that a "neardy guy" /Volos Rakic/ made a handy little game for the Esp8266.

This duck hunting game iz so neat, that i have decided to make a PCB for myself to play in my free time.

Step 2: Materials

In order to make this instructable you will need the following.

Parts needed:

- Esp8266 Esp12E/F (programmed as Wemos D1 mini)

- ESP12F burning fixture/optional/

- SSD1306 oled display

- Custom pcb board

- 6 pushbuttons

- 6 standard 10K resistors

- A 3 pin switch

- JST_2-PIN_2.54MM

- JST PH 2-PIN 2.0MM

- Standard arduino DC Jack

- AMS1117 3.3 and 5V voltage regulator (SOP223)

- 2X 47uF electrolytic capacitor

- 2X4 female pin header

Step 3: Software

Step 4: The Finished Board

I have used a burning fixture to program the esp chip. When making the pcb file it was programmed as Wemos D1 mini. I wanted to add more power supply connectors for using from a cellphone charger, battery, DC6/9/12V adapter or from a 3XAA battery holder.

I have used the LD1117S 5V and the AMS1117 3.3V voltage regulators for this board. Since the esp is not using the wifi it will not draw too much current with the display. But when i played with it for an hour from a 9V rechargable battery (800Mah), the voltage regulator was only warm. So i think it was a good choice.

The SSD1306 oled displays have 2 kind of VCC and GND pinouts, so i have added a second 2x4 female pinout so i can use both of them.

Pls exuse me for the soldering quality of the esp chip in the picture, my soldering tip is not the best now and i will need a new one soon.

I have made this board for myself, but if someone likes it please fell free to use it.

PCB was manufactured by JLCPCB.

Best score: 488 :)

Step 5: Next Project

FM radio shield for arduino.