Introduction: Air Skimmer

This is a 3D model of the air skimmer that I've created. You can find in on YouTube but they looks a little bit different from this one.

Step 1:

I fist made the main body of the skimmer. Which is 3 millimeters by 75.2 millimeters. The height is 75 millimeters. I then duplicated it to have two wings.

Step 2:

This is the main body of the skimmer. I took the square and made its width 75 millimeters and its length 205 millimeters. The height is 12 meters. To make it hollow I took another square and made it a bit smaller 68.5 millimeters for the width and 174.4 millimeters and the height is 8.4 millimeters.

Step 3:

I took another square and made the width 62 millimeters and the length is 50.8 millimeters. The height is 4.9 millimeters. I then placed the the square inside the smaller body piece that I created in step 2. Once I done that I grouped them together and placed them inside the bigger body piece.

Step 4:

The triangle that pushes down on the air width is 18 millimeters by 75 millimeters for the length. The height is 12 millimeters. Make a smaller triangle that is 16 millimeters for the width by 69 millimeters for the length. Then place the smaller one inside of the bigger one and match all the pieces were there suppose to be. If you need a guid of how it should like the last picture is the final thing.

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