Introduction: Air Compressor Wagon

In the area I live we are overrun with puncture vine or what we simply call "Goat Heads" There the #1 enemy of tube and tubeless tires. So your fixing flats and airing tires fairly often. It's annoying to drag the compressor out from the shed and the hose and plug in the cord on the front porch (only exterior receptacle) untangle the airline and do what needs to be done, sometimes as its getting dark no less.

I had a lawn cart available so I simply made a plywood base for it and mounted the air compressor to it, added some uprights and shelf made from scrap 2 X 6" and purchased an air hose reel from harbor Freight for $17 and a cord reel with outlets from Lowes for $18 (already had 75' extension cord on hand) and just attached both reels next to each other. I had an Halogen lamp so I purchased two 24" pieces (1-1/2 & 1-1/4") of PVC pipe sleeved into each other, a threaded pipe adapter and metal pipe flange $13 and cut out a base for the light from scrap and 1/2" clamps to hold it in place. The light can be raised an additional 20" secured with a cotter key and can be rotated full 360 degrees. Including other clamps and bolts for the two reels I spent a total of $53 on this project.

Now its far more easy to use. I don't have to park on the front porch and the hose is no longer tangled and if its dark I just plug in the lamp. I have the ability to use any air tool within the capacity of the compressor. There is additional space to carry hand tools if needed and the entire assembly can be removed and the cart used as normal (but I have no intention of doing so).