Introduction: Air to Water Foot Pump Conversion

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Make a cost effective and efficient water foot pump for a hand washing station. More efficient than a bulb pump.

Replace an air pump with a water pump and reuse the foot mechanism. For less than $20 you can easily make this conversion.

Use with the Hand Washing Station.


- Multi-use transfer pump (Harbor Freight, $6.99)
- Air Foot pump (Harbor Freight, $10.99)
- Zip ties
- Pry bar/hammer/screwdriver

Step 1: Purchase Parts

Harbor freight has cost efficient parts that fortunately fit into one another for the conversion.

1. Multi-use transfer pump
2. Air Foot pump

Step 2: Disassembled Foot Pump

Remove the nut from the piston bar and disconnect from cross bar. Unscrew pressure gauge from air piston. Both can be removed by hand or pliers if needed.

Step 3: Remove Air Piston

The air piston will require manual force to remove. Utilizing a combination of screwdriver, pry bar, and nail remover from a hammer, separate the piston from the cross bar. Make sure to maintain integrity of the crossbar. Separate the bond of the crossbar plate from the piston.

The piston can be discarded. The foot petal will remain.

Step 4: Add Water Pump

Unscrew the piston bar from the water pump and insert into the crossbar of the foot pump.

Screw the piston bar back the water pump.

Step 5: Secure Water Pump

Secure top portion of water pump to the cross bar with zip ties. The pump will need to rotate against the crossbar to operate correctly. Use a ziptie to keep the pump from slipping down the main body.

Step 6: Test Pump

Test pump with the provided tubing. Orientate tubing with use of the pump to avoid obstruction.

Full range is not required as a hand wash pump. I recommend reducing the pump range with a tie. This way you can prevent the pedal from whipping to far up and over pumping.