Introduction: Dry Pack Organization

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Waterproof bag, stuff sacks, ziplock bags, are all ways to keep your clothing, sleeping bag, and socks dry. Packing efficiently and prudently does not go hand in hand when choosing an organization method that will also keep items dry. Finding a stuff sack, waterproof with vacuum seal is not a cheap item to find.

This is a tested method used in the field and the mountains of Afghanistan, the Space Saver Bag. For about a dollar a bag, this cost-effective item allows you to visually stack your sleeping bag, clothes, and dry gear in clear waterproof bags. The rolled vacuum sealed bag provides a space saving solution so you can easily stow your gear.


Space Saver Bags (aka Vacuum Sealer Bags - Space Saver Storage Bags No Vacuum - Compression Bags for Travel Storage - Hand Roll Seal Air Tight Packing Seal Clothes Bags - Clothing Storage Bags)

I prefer the roll but the hand pump version works also.

Step 1: Identify Compressible Gear

In this image is a jacket, military poncho liner (woobie), and down sleeping bag.

Not recommended items: Tools, food, sleeping mats, shoes, or any irregular items that may puncture.

Step 2: Fold or Stuff

The jacket and woobie were folded but the sleeping bag was balled and stuffed into the space saver bags.

When selecting a bag size, make sure you can actually close the bag before rolling. If not then use the next bigger size. Don't worry about the extra plastic, it will roll up.

Step 3: Seal and Roll

Squeeze all air out before you seal shut. This will help with rolling.

Roll on a flat surface without rocks. As you get better, you can do this on your thigh. Roll with your hands or it will pop the bag. So no stepping on the bag.

Step 4: Fold and Stow

Depending on your packing style and bag, you can keep in rolls, lay flat, or fold in half or thirds.

Pictured is a stacked style load. Loading from the top opening helps compress the load into the bag. The front opening allows for easy retrieval of items.

*air will get in this over time if not under compression by other items.

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