Introduction: Airsoft Fox Hole

Ever feel the need for more cover in airsoft? Well, it's time to dig your own fox hole. This is an effective way to be safe from other players, and provide effective fire onto your enemies. My answers for the contest are below.

-What I made
           I made a foxhole for airsoft with 3 of my friends it is about 2 and 1/2 ft deep, by 5/12 long by 3 and 1/2ft wide.
      Tools- 2 pickaxes
                  4 shovels
                  2 axes
                  a couple of friends
-Where I did it

             I did it at my friends house one afternoon, in the woods.
-What did you learn?
I learned that it's hard to get your friends to all work together, and that sandstone is not your friend.

Step 1: Finding a Spot and Clearing the Area

The first thing that you will want to do is to find a spot for your foxhole. It should be placed within range of the other people playing with you. It should also have a great field of fire on all sides. I would suggest making it a 3x2ft hole for one person, and a 5x3ft hole for 2 people.

Step 2: Pickaxing the Hole/Digging

The next part is pretty obvious: DIG!. This hill had a lot of rocks and some rocks of sandstone the size a a computer. I would consider digging to about 3ft. IF you want to go deeper, go ahead; it's your labor. We ran out of daylight and could only dig to about 1 and 1/2ft. 

Step 3: Cutting Up the Fallen Trees

Next, its time to cut up the fallen trees. There is a lot you can do one you cut them up. You can use them for cover, a roof, or floorboards if it rains a lot where you play. 

Step 4: Digging Some More

After that, there is more digging. Normally, the digging gets harder as it goes down, and the hole gets narrower. Make sure to widen the hole every now and then.

Step 5: The Final Product/Have Fun!

This is our semi-finished foxhole. We had to stop it because we ran out of daylight. In the future, I would dig it deeper,widen it, and put a roof on it. Other than that, it served its purpose. This took about 3-4 hours to dig because of the sandstone
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